Schools pack

Hello Teachers!

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Polaroid Eyewear is committed to educating adults and children about the importance of protecting their eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. That’s why we’ve developed this ‘Be Safe in the Sun’ Schools Pack.

When used in the classroom, the exercises will teach your class about staying safe in the sun. Your KS1 children will understand why protecting their eyes from the suns’ rays is as important as protecting their skin. See the article in the Daily Express, the Safe Sun Guide.

Your downloadable schools pack includes the following resources:

  • Learning guide for teachers – giving you facts about sun protection to pass on to your class about how damaging UV rays can be to children’s eyes.
  • Fun and educational colouring exercises for your class to do, including a simple eye diagram and a sun safety activity.  Instructions are provided on each activity for you and your class.
  • A Take Home Certificate - once the children have completed the activities, they’ll be rewarded with a certificate. They can take this home to reinforce what they have learnt at school, and share the sun-safe message with their family.