Sunglasses to ease your migraine

Sunglasses to ease your migraine sunglasses


If you get migraines you probably wear sunglasses

Around one in seven of us get migraine headaches. They can make you more sensitive to light. That’s why some migraineurs wear sunglasses to make life a little more comfortable.


5 good things about these sunglasses

1. Polaroid’s polarized lenses block out glare which can help reduce migraine pain

2. Our filter category 3 lenses are dark enough for bright days but still safe for driving

3. Face-hugging frames and big lenses stop light creeping in from the sides

4. Polaroid sunglasses are lightweight so they are comfortable all day long

5. You can try different styles and lens colours and return any you don’t like for a refund.

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         Top tips from migraineurs.


“Drink plenty of water in hot weather. Try to avoid fluorescent and strobe lighting.” Lynn, Brentwood

“Always wear sunglasses, otherwise any sort of glare triggers migraine. I wear them when driving, or outdoors except in very dull conditions. I even wear them as a car passenger at night to cut out headlight glare.” Anne, York

“Try not to screw your eyes in bright light.” Avril, Selkirk

        Migraineurs say...

“These are the only glasses that have taken out 100% of the glare. I am now wearing them to watch television as this causes me a problem.” Bernice, Cardiff

“They helped by cutting out the strong sun and shielding eyes from the wind at the same time.”


Marian, Suffolk

“Good fit, reasonably light, larger lenses than I've been used to.” David, Romsey

“Very nice - comfortable and fashionable. They have large eye coverage and are very soothing when suffering from a migraine.” Padmini, Dorset “

“They are better for driving and indoors as not as dark so not as ‘dangerous’ whilst still able to cut out the glare and brightness. By not squinting it also relieves tension around the eye muscles.” Donna, Lancashire

“Try not to screw your eyes in bright light.” Avril, Selkirk

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Remember to get help from medical professionals for the proper management of migraine.

A big ‘thank you’ from Polaroid Eyewear to members of Migraine Action,
who have allowed us to share their feedback and tips.