Skiing sunglasses

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    Look every bit a winner.

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    Fit, grip and comfort.
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    In control. In blue and black.
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    Rip up the race track.
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    Psyche them out.
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    Hits the mark. Every time.

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    No sweat.
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    Break your own record.
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    In great shape.
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    Fitter, faster, stronger.
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    So good you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

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    The green, mean, machine
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    The new action hero.
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    Raw power and lenses that you can change.
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    A personal best in sunglasses. Go run, ski or cycle!
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    Believe in meritocracy.
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    Strength, speed, endurance.

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Skiing sunglasses – good looks and better visibility.

Ski sunglasses are an important piece of kit. After all, you want to be able to see every bump and groove that’s ahead of you – whether it’s a sunny day or the snow just won’t let up. And, protection is important, too. When you’re out on a mountain, your eyes should be shielded from the wind – and still have enough ventilation to stop your lenses fogging up.


skiing sunglassesThe test is good materials

Polaroid Eyewear has designed our latest crop of ski sunglasses with all the features skiers need. Finished with soft rubber and foam that creates a seal around your eyes and forehead, they’re comfortable and protective, while air vents help prevent fogging. These sunglasses feature our UltraSight™ lens, made from the same advanced materials found in our sunglasses. Glare-blocking properties and UV protection exceed international standards so it is safe and comfortable to see. Using Polaroid Eyewear’s unique Thermofusion™ Technology the wide single lens is curved into an organic face-shape during manufacture. This technique allows us to optically fine-tune the lens as it is formed. The result is clearer and more accurate vision. See the full rnage of polarized sports sunglasses.


You also benefit from

  • Scratch resistant and anti-fog lens coatings
  • Wider lens for good field of vision
  • Easy-to-adjust head band compatible with hat or helmet
  • Dark lenses – perfect for sunny and average days.