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Better vision – even in extreme conditions with polarized sunglasses

When you’re out on the water, you can’t afford to overwork your eyes by wearing poor quality sunglasses. But when direct sunlight or light reflecting off the water distorts your vision, that’s exactly what happens. That’s where Polaroid polarized sunglasses make a difference. See the full range of sports sunglasses. Our polarization technology improves your vision by:

sunglasses for sailing

  • Eliminating distortion
  • Blocking glare
  • Providing 100% UV protection


For people who love the water, an end to glare means you can see everything more clearly, including hazards, underwater rocks and other boats. Colour perception is improved and so is your awareness of depth. Polaroid UltraSight™ lenses were developed at our UK Research Centre. They give you both visual accuracy and full polarizing efficiency in a featherweight lens. Easy to wear all day long.


Performance you can trust

Improving your vision is important and so is giving you hard-wearing impact-resistant styles that are light-weight and comfortable. Choose from designs that include ventilated rubber nose pads and comfort-grip nose fittings that will keep your sunglasses from slipping or falling off into the water. They're the perfect solution to eye fatigue.

Getting the lens colour right
Grey – offers the best all-around vision when you’re on the water. It’s a colour that helps you see into deep water and enhances your perception. It also improves accuracy and offers better colour rendering. This is essential when you’re looking for key mark colours such as lateral marks, cardinal and safe water buoys.


Sailing for success

In September 2009, Polaroid sponsored Eric Boinard in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. It was a nine month race and Eric undertook the first five-week leg by sailing from Hull to Rio. The race began on September 13 2009. With stops in California, Xing Dao, Singapore and Panama, this was one race that was a challenge, to say the least. Eric is Polaroid’s technical expert, so he completed a blog while his team mates took photos.