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The right equipment could improve your game - polarized sunglasses for golf

Wind, rain, sun, shade and changing terrain all have an impact on your performance.  But whatever the conditions, good-quality sunglasses could make the difference between playing well and just playing. Polaroid UltraSight™ lenses were developed at our UK Research Centre. These golfing sunglasses give you both visual accuracy and full polarizing efficiency in a featherweight lens. Our sunglasses use polarization technology to improve your vision and:


  • Eliminate distortion
  • Block glare
  • Provide 100% UV protection

sunglasses for golf

Protection and performance

In addition to better vision, Polaroid sports sunglasses come in hard-wearing impact-resistant styles that are light-weight and comfortable. You can choose ventilated rubber nose pads and comfort-grip ear fittings that will keep your sunglasses from slipping off. And, polarization reduces eye fatigue to help you enjoy every minute you spend on the course. See the full range of sports sunglasses.


Colour is the key

Golfing demands that you be able to see contours and judge distances – whether the sun is bright, the day is cloudy or the weather is mixed. Polaroid offers lens colours, each designed to give you the best vision.


Brown – enhances depth perception and contrast. Essential for challenging courses with complex contours.

Lavendar – helps ball perception in the rough. Good for bright, medium and low light. Ideal when the light is unpredictable.

Copper - Gives you good definition in low light, when it’s cloudy and on the average summer day. These lenses are perfect for varying weather conditions on the golf course.