Fishing sunglasses

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Polarization eliminates glare so you can see better.

When you’re outdoors all day, your sunglasses have to keep up. Light reflected off the water creates glare – and glare makes it impossible to see what’s happening beneath the water’s surface. Add direct sunlight, and it’s clear why the polarized  fishing sunglasses are essential, especially when you need to see what the fish are doing or if there are any rocks ahead. See the full range of sports sunglasses. Our polarization technology improves your vision by

sunglasses for fishing
  • Blocking glare
  • Providing 100% UV protection
  • Eliminating distortion


Trusted quality

Our frames are robust, impact resistant and great protection against wayward hooks. They're also lightweight and stylish enough to wear when the fish aren’t biting. Polaroid UltraSight™ lenses were developed at our UK Research Centre. They give you both visual accuracy and full polarizing efficiency in a featherweight lens. And they’re scratch resistant, too. Polaroid lenses can withstand a 23gm bead flying at 15m/second, so you know you’ll enjoy complete protection. If eye fatigue is a problem, our polarized lenses are definitely the answer. The best of every world.


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A splash of colour.

Choose the lens colour that helps you see exactly what you’re after.


Lens colours help you see what’s ahead

Yellow – perfect for seeing all the way to the bottom of shallow water. On overcast days, yellow uses all available light to enhance contrasts.

Brown enhances grassy river or lake beds. Great for contrasts and low light at dawn and dusk.

Grey – ideal for spotting darker fish in deep water and for all kinds of weather.