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Function comes face-to-face with fashion with our driving sunglasses

The right sunglasses can really make a difference when you’re driving. Reflected glare from the road can be surprisingly powerful, distorting your vision and leaving you in a situation you didn’t see coming. And, it’s not only when the sun is bright. Overcast or changeable weather can also make it difficult to see, and react, in time. But Polaroid polarized driving sunglasses will help you speed up your reaction time by 40%.Our unique polarizing technology improves your vision by


sunglasses for driving

  • Blocking glare
  • Providing 100% UV protection
  • Eliminating distortion


Wearing our driving sunglasses helps you see more accurately, make better decisions and ultimately react more quickly. In the summer when the sun is bright and high in the sky, it's easy to remember your sunglasses. But they're just as important in the winter when low light can interfere with your perception. Polaroid driving sunglasses will help you drive more safely.


Great by design

Our frames are impact resistant and designed with curved lenses for complete eye protection. The frames are made from the latest lightweight material and are comfortable enough to wear all day. Polaroid UltraSight™ lenses were developed at our UK Research Centre. They provide both visual accuracy and full polarizing efficiency in a featherweight lens. And they’re scratch resistant, too. Our lenses come in a range of colours to suit different conditions. They also reduce eye fatigue for day-long comfort.


Bronze, Copper and Brown – These colours absorb blue light the human eye finds the most difficult and uncomfortable. They also enhance traffic and brake light recognition as well as road conditions in bright light.