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Getting the most from your ride with polarized cycling sunglasses

The right sunglasses will ensure you see the road more clearly. If there’s a rut or some of gravel ahead, Polaroid polarized cycling sunglasses allow you to react quickly. Wear them and you’ll be both safer and more confident. Whether you love your daily cycle to work, or you’re training for an upcoming race, Polaroid >polarized sunglasses are lightweight, strong and close-fitting enough to protect your eyes from the grit and sand thrown up by cars or your own tyres. The protection you need plus interchangeable lenses for low light and bright sunshine. Our lightweight frames are designed to stay secure - even when you start to sweat. Many of our styles feature ventilated nose grips made of soft durable rubber. And that means no fogging. Curved lenses, face-hugging designs and a secure fit all protect your eyes – no matter what direction you’re looking in, orwhere the wind is blowing from. Mountain bikers will appreciate the quality and strength of our frames as well as the scratch-resistant lenses. See the full range of sports sunglasses.

Whatever style you choose, Polaroid sunglasses


  • Give you distortion-free vision
  • Eliminate glare
  • Offer 100% UV protection

Performance that gives you safety

Plus, our sunglasses are shock-absorbent, durable and made of the latest - and lightest - materials. Polaroid UltraSight™ lenses were developed at our UK Research Centre. They give you both visual accuracy and full polarizing efficiency in a featherweight lens. You can see what’s ahead – and what’s coming up behind. Chose interchangeable lenses and you’ll only need one pair of sunglasses for all weather conditions.
It's a great way to reduce eye fatigue.


Chosen by Champions

“It doesn’t matter which level you’re at, improving your vision makes your chosen sport more enjoyable and improves performance,” explains Kashi Leuchs member of the Cannondale-Vredestein Mountain Bike Racing team. “My all-time personal favourite sunglasses are these new Polaroid Sports sunglasses.”

Lens colours help you see what’s ahead

Clear – Keeps out grit and dirt in low light
Grey – allows you to see true colours more clearly in mixed weather.
Brown – enhances road and track surfaces in bright light, so you can ride more safely.

Copper - Gives you good definition in low light, when it’s cloudy and on the average summer day. Copper lenses do a good job at stopping light that’s in the blue spectrum – which makes for good traffic signal recognition when cycling on the road.