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Reaction is everything with sunglasses for cricket When it comes to cricket, the key is making sure you can see the ball whatever the light conditions and react - fast. So you need Polaroid cricket sunglasses. Fielders need to see clearly against the background of spectators and sky. With batting, judgement is critical - you need to make split second decisions about which balls to leave, score from or defend. Glare can impair your ability to see a fast moving ball but the right polarized sunglasses make it easier and more comfortable to see. And of course for all those of us who have a passion for watching the game of cricket, polarized sunglasses add to the enjoyment. See the full range of sports sunglasses.

See the speeding ball

Here’s a few guidelines to help you choose – whether you need to make the catch or just enjoy the pleasure of a day’s cricket.

Copper - Gives you good definition in low light, when it’s cloudy and on the average summer day. Copper lenses do a good job at stopping light that’s in the blue spectrum – which makes it easier to see colours like the red of a cricket ball.
Brown - Ideal for full sun and bright days. Brown lenses also cut light at the blue end of the spectrum, giving you the advantage of clear contrasts.
Orange - Help you to see well in low light conditions, right to the last over.
Grey – allows you to see true colours more clearly in mixed weather.

And there’s more

All the sunglasses in cricket range come with Polaroid Eyewear’s UltraSight™ lenses made with Thermofusion™ technology. It’s our latest innovation and our best lens to date. Not only do they block glare, they also protect you from UV up to 400nm. They’re also:
  • Made from high-tech lightweight materials for day-long comfort
  • Shatter proof and shock absorbent lenses
  • Durable scratch resistant lens finish
Comfort and ventilation count too and Polaroid has pulled out all the stops to bring you sunglasses that are light and well-ventilated – perfect whatever the weather.