1) Does Polaroid UK send sunglasses to Greece, or countries not on the dropdown menu under delivery zone?

No, the UK retail site only ships sunglasses to:

Republic of Ireland



2) What do the filter categories on sunglasses mean?

There are five filter categories.
0 – clear or very light tint
1 – light tint
2 – medium
3 – dark
4 – very dark

The number is a reference to the tint of the lenses. It does not affect the UV filter or polarization. Categories 1 and 2 are better for low light conditions, i.e. morning and evening. Most sunglasses are category 3 and work well in full sunlight. Category 4 is not recommended for driving.

3) Which sunglasses do you recommend for driving?

When you’re driving, polarized sunglasses eliminate the glare that reflects off flat surfaces and interferes with vision. Polarized lenses in Bronze, Copper and Brown are ideal. These colours absorb blue light the human eye finds difficult and uncomfortable to use. They also make it easier to see traffic and brake lights. For all around use, filter category 3 works well.

4) What are the benefits of the Men's best of the best sunglasses?

These sunglasses gives you five additional lens layers, permanently bonded within the lens structure. 2 impact resistant layers, 2 hydrophobic coatings to prevent fogging and an optical quality anti-reflective layer. The frames are also made from premium materials and come complete with a luxury case.

5) Why are Women's best of the best sunglasses more expensive?

The designs and materials make them more expensive to manufacture. The lenses come with a total of 11 layers including two additional impact resistant layers for extra durability. This range has more detailing and a more luxurious look and feel as well as a luxury case.

6) How long will it take for my sunglasses to be delivered?

Delivery usually takes around five working days.

7) Should aeroplane pilots wear polarized sunglasses when they’re flying?

No. Pilots should avoid polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses work by filtering out glare – concentrated light that is travelling horizontally. The instrument panel may also have a polarizing filter to combat glare. When the indicators on the panel are seen through polarized sunglasses, the combination of two polarizing filters can cancel most of the light entering the eye so you can’t see the instrument panel clearly.

8) I have a big head/large head. Which sunglasses are right for me?

Picking a pair of sunglasses is very personal. We do offer guidelines about the shape of your face. But even better, you can simply return any sunglasses you’ve ordered and decide you don’t like within 30 days. We won’t even ask you why.

9) How do I attach the clip to your optical frame?

For flip clips, gently push open the clip and slide it down over your frame. For the spring clip, gently pull the springs apart separating laterally and right from left. Then slide it over your frames and release. The clip will contract to fit your frame perfectly.

10) I want to return my clip-ons, what should I do?

With clips, there’s no need to start the whole re-ordering process again. Send your clips-ons back to us. On the same day, email us to let us know you are returning your clip-ons and include the reference number of the pair you want to buy instead. All our clip-ons are the same price, so there’s no need to process another payment.


11) How should I clean my Polaroid sunglasses?

Polaroid sunglasses are durable and resilient, so to keep them in peak condition, we recommend that once a week you simply wash them with warm soapy water. Use your fingers to gently remove traces of dirt, cosmetics and tanning products from the lenses and frame, then rinse with warm water. Shake until dry and then clean the lenses with the lens cleaning cloth that came with your sunglasses.  

For keeping your lenses in sparkling condition on a daily basis, use the lens cleaning cloth that came with your Polaroid sunglasses.