Polaroid sunglasses in BBC Maldives documentary with Simon Reeve

Polaroid sunglasses in BBC Maldives documentaryWith the weather in the UK this week reaching record highs, it was great to tune in to watch a BBC documentary on the Maldives and enjoy the fact that we have great weather too!


Indian Ocean follows Simon Reeve’s journey around the spectacular Indian Ocean, which has taken him from Oman to the Maldives. On the latest episode, Simon is guided by a pair of marine conservationists, Marie and her husband Tom, who perform vital work to protect the island’s beautiful coral reefs. And to help protect their eyes from the strong sunshine and to block the glare from the crisps blue waters, Marie and Tom wear Polaroid sunglasses.


Polaroid sunglasses in BBC Maldives documentaryThe Maldives has one of the most beautiful collections of tropical coral islands in the world, and the fragile underwater environment is a guide for the changing nature of the ocean. It was fascinating to watch and you can catch up on BBC iPlayer.


The series has taken Simon to Madagascar, Kenya and South Africa, all places we’d love to visit! But for now we’ll enjoy the British sunshine in our Polaroid sunglasses.

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