Running sunglasses review

Polaroid polarized sunglasses guest blogKeeping fit is part of my job. As a Police Officer I need to be alert, active and ready to tackle any situation. So I keep to a programme of weightlifting and running which keeps my fitness levels where they need to be. I prefer to run outdoors through the countryside where I live, so I always have a pair of running sunglasses on me to keep the sun out of my eyes.

I tried a pair of Polaroid Rush XT P7124B and was pleased with how they performed. The rubber ear grips and cushioned frames made them comfortable, and they didn’t fog up even during the muggy weather I was running in, because of the ventilated brow.

It was great that my eyes were protected from the glare of the evening setting sun, and any grit that was kicked up from my trainers I didn’t notice because of the wraparound lenses.

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